Findings from Miles Advisory’s leadership insights study from the first stage of the crisis.

The Coronavirus has had, and is still having, an unprecedented impact on business operations. It has changed the way we think, and the way work is done, from how we meet to how we manage.

As the lockdown took effect it forced the people priorities including employee engagement and communications to the top of the Board agenda.And it drove organisations to plan and deliver change and digital transformation in weeks, where before years would have been acceptable. For many, it added immediate pace to decision- making and compelled the adoption of agile and collaborative behaviours instantly.

Chief People Officers and senior HR Leaders shared with us what they consider to have gone well in their organisational response, what could have gone better and what their priorities now need to be.

They highlighted what they consider to be the uppermost risks for business as we emerge from the first wave. And what, if anything, these experiences changed about what they believed constituted great leadership prior to the emergence of the crisis.

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New Leadership Priorities for a New Future