Enabling female executives to lead purposeful lives, equipping them with the tools to anticipate, challenge and manage moments of ambiguity and transition in their careers.

The benefits of greater female representation at manager and leader levels are proven. More diverse thinking, increased organisational collaboration, boosted employee engagement and significant evidence of improved financial performance.

Yet retaining and progressing women leaders in their careers after the age of 30 is a major challenge for business. And there are still far too few women at senior levels in organisations today.

Significant numbers “drop-out” of their career pathway
well before they have achieved their potential. And many organisations are not yet able to recognise the obstacles, making it more difficult for them to support women to advance.

This programme is unique in addressing the known career barriers facing women, in, or aspiring to, senior executive positions. It aims to make a profound difference to the leaders who attend. So participants leave with a clear view of their extended purpose and equipped with confidence to lead 21st century organisations. This, in turn, enables them to empower, influence and lead in a way that facilitates change, inclusion and better environmental and social impact outcomes.

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Becoming – Womens Programme Jan 2021