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Making Employee Well-Being a Board Level Priority

Not surprisingly, we are seeing an increased recognition by Boards that the well-being and mental health of executives and employees needs to be prioritised. People are under pressure, expected to do more with fewer resources, individual debt is spiralling, and stressful family issues such as divorce, childcare and eldercare are ever-present.  A recent Gallup State of [...]

Making Employee Well-Being a Board Level Priority2020-05-05T14:26:08+01:00

We’re looking to grow….are you?

Executive Search – BeMore of You   As a forward-looking, independent search and human capital firm, Miles Advisory is at the forefront of its markets building better leadership teams. We work across the full spectrum of the economy, advising businesses, government and the third sector through a range of fully integrated Board advisory, executive search [...]

We’re looking to grow….are you?2020-05-05T14:28:58+01:00

Shaping and safeguarding the banking workforce after COVID-19

Financial leaders today face a pivotal moment. Most responded to the COVID-19 pandemic without the luxury of time to consider implications on longerterm sustainability. Leaders now face operational and organizational decisions with profound implications for more than six million Americans who were employed in the finance and insurance sectors prior to the outbreak—and for society [...]

Shaping and safeguarding the banking workforce after COVID-192020-05-05T14:16:16+01:00
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