We work with clients to build and strengthen the capability and potential of their boards through the delivery of pragmatic and independent advice on all areas of their performance. For over 20 years, our partners have been delivering an integrated suite of advisory services to clients’ senior teams, including board reviews, succession planning, recruitment, assessment and coaching.

Our role is to support the boards of our clients in delivering against their ambitions so ensuring they are sustainable for the future as well as fully effective today.

Our executive search proposition is much more than simply recruitment. At the heart of our delivery is the uncovering and transference of the type of insights that genuinely support your strategic leadership goals. We work in expert practice group teams, each led by a partner and supported by sector specialists. Our integrated operating model enables all searches to be additionally supported by intelligence and networks from the practice groups of other disciplines.

We believe that talent transcends boundaries and it is right to challenge preconceptions. We know where to look and how to marry the expectations of the client and the candidate. Adding value at every step of the process by coordinating talent with the goals, culture and future strategy of the hiring organisation.

We operate at pace, with clarity and imagination and have sector leading critical mass in a number of areas. We never lose sight of the human touch through regular and comprehensive communication with clients and candidates. Our high levels of repeat mandates are proof of our belief that long-standing relationships, over transactional work, benefits us all.

Employee engagement and strategic narrative

High-performance and an ability to deliver change successfully are often preceded by high levels of employee engagement with the organisations’ direction, objectives and priorities. We help leaders to craft and communicate a compelling internal business story. One that explains your vision for the future, a purpose for doing this and why and how employees can contribute. Having a coordinated and consistent basis for internal messaging on where you are going; why this matters and what is in it for employees enables leaders to more effectively build awareness, understanding, and ultimately increased motivation for employees to work toward the organisation goals.
  • Consultancy, benchmarking and insights
  • Away days and workshops
  • Cascade events and tools
  • Video, storybooks and creative content
  • Measurement and evaluation

Culture and values

Culture can be a powerful tool for improving your business’ performance. A company’s culture is created through the beliefs, ideas, expectations and attitudes of its people. If not explicitly managed then cultures can turn from being a powerful tool to a severely limiting progress blocker.

The most effective way of guiding an organisation towards a great culture is through a set of clearly defined values. These enduring beliefs can signpost what good looks like for the attitudes and actions of people every day.

But it’s critically important that these core values are more than slogans or buzzwords as they so often are. That they are alive and kicking in the organisation and not just a page on the website or a poster on the wall.

We work with leadership teams to bring values to life using descriptive and measurable cultural frameworks. And to embed these “ways-of-working” in the processes, interactions and outcomes of the key experiences of employees at work.

  • Behavioural frameworks
  • Communications and cascades
  • Employee lifecycle mapping
  • Measurement and evaluation

Competitive intelligence and insights

The benefit of insight

The right information can make the difference between success and failure in any talent strategy. We have the networks, the relationships and, above all, the methodologies, to gather the intelligence our clients need – quickly, quietly and effectively. We’re trusted by many of the world’s leading organisations to research and report on sensitive, business-critical issues including organizational benchmarking, external perception analysis, talent mapping, compensation data and business model comparisons.

  • Completely bespoke reporting, based on close networking with carefully selected experts tailored to be completely relevant to a unique situation
  • Custom intelligence relating to markets, companies and individuals – wherever they are in the world
  • Real-time access to confidential opinion, perception and knowledge from industry leaders
  • Expert researchers question in detail and validate using sophisticated interview and investigative techniques
  • Pre-acquisition due diligence and benchmarking of executive talent
  • Talent pipeline data vital to supporting an effective people plan and broader talent studies